Jrc4558d chip

The JRC integrated circuit by Japan Radio Company is a dual operational amplifier internally compensated and constructed with bipolar transistors on a single silicon chip. The high voltage gain dB typ. The first RC monolithic dual opamp was developed by Raytheon Semiconductors in The dual amp is linked with the history of the guitar pedals development.

This IC was undoubtedly chosen in the beginning by Japanese design engineers because it was one of the cheapest dual opamps on the market with acceptable audio performance. As such, it was used in huge volumes of Japanese audio equipment.

Despite its questionable audio performance, it seems to be well suited to duty in overdrive circuits. Internal Circuit.

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The JRC Myth. The Active Current Supply it is a utility stage which provides a constant flow of current to the different blocks. A stable current source is important in order to improve linearity and noise rejection.

The JFET Q 15 is a self-biased current source, it will provide a constant current source independent from the voltage supply. The start-up of this part of the circuit is simple:. Once the drain-source voltage reaches a certain minimum value, enters saturation where I DS current is approximately constant.

The Zener diode D 2when reverse biased has a constant voltage drop Vz. As long as the Zener current Iz is between certain levels Iz min and Iz max called holding current, the voltage across the Zener diode V Z will be constantly working in the Voltage Regulation Area:.

The Zener diode stabilized voltage V Z drives an emitter follower Q 14 loaded by a constant emitter resistor R 9 sensing the load current. The circuit operates as a constant current source:. The external current mirror load of this current source is connected to the collector so that almost the same current flows through it and the emitter resistor.

This topology is generally the best choice for an operational amplifier, it provides high input impedance, good voltage gain, common noise rejection as well as extra inputs for a summing feedback. To acquire real benefits from using an LTP input, the currents flowing through the differential transistors must be equalized. A very effective way to do it is using a current mirror. The thermal coupling between both transistors is ideal since they share the same package.

There most important reasons to use a current mirror are to enhance the gain and the signal integrity:.Dual Operational Amplifier. The integrated circuit is a dual high-gain operational amplifier internally compensated and constructed on a single silicon chip using an advanced epitaxial process. Combining the features of the NJM with the close parameter matching and tracking of a dual device on a monolithic chip results in unique performance characteristics. Excellent channel separation allows the use of the dual device in single NJM operational amplifier applications providing density.

It is especially well suited for applications in differential-in, differential-out as well as in potentiometric amplifiers and where gain and phase matched channels are mandatory. Skip to main content.

jrc4558d chip

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Terms and Conditions. Add a review. Customers who purchased this item also bought Resistors - 0. Specification Sheet.So, In my opinion, one of the most useful effects you can own is an overdrive pedal. This is a versatile pedal that can be used in a wide variety of musical styles, and sound amazing when paired with right amps.

Identifying Vintage Tube Screamer Chips

Just based on the name, most think this is a distortion pedal capable of cranking out some shredding high gain. The Tube Screamer is one of those pedals that has gained close to a cult-like following.

Help to identify/date this TS-808

This pedal is well known and used by players in all genres of music from country, blues, all the way to metal. I mostly associate it with Stevie Rav Vaughan and the damn near unreproducible tone that he had. So, finally, Ibanez decided to listen to its customer base and reissued the TS in The TS reissue features the same famous square footswitch and the warm tones of the JRC chip used in most of the original TSs.

These pedals came in narrower boxes without battery covers. The TS was released in the late s. The TS9 Tube Screamer is almost the same internally as the TS but the TS9 had a different output, which caused the pedal to sound brighter and less smooth.

In later years, TS9s were assembled with a wide variety of op-amps, instead of the sought-after JRC The TS10 had three times as many changes to the circuit than the TS9 had had. All TS10s as well as other L and series pedals used floating jacks and pots, which were mounted on the boards instead of the cases. This was a weak point in the design that caused the jacks to break off. However, these plastic versions still have a shielded and grounded metal bottom plate for a slight interference reduction plus the needed weight to keep the pedal from sliding because of its lightweight.

It was made in Taiwan like the TS5, but in an aluminum case, that was more durable. HW is encased in a dark green, heavy duty metal box. It also comes standard with True Bypass, a feature many had to mod into the circuits of previous Tube Screamers.

What more do you need? Like I mentioned earlier, the Tubescreamer is an overdrive pedal, not a heavy high gain distortion pedal. The sound is crunchy, warm, with a bit of a midrange boost. When using the Tubescreamer it tends works well with a clean amp channel. What you are doing is pushing your signal to the edge of breakup creating that natural overdriven sound. This is where really digging in with the pick brings out a gritty sparkle but yet stays clean while playing softer.

This adds a lot of dynamic range to your tone. The Tube Screamer sounds just fine with a solid-state amp, but it really makes a tube amp light up like a Christmas tree. Place the pedal in your signal chain before your high gain distortions, set your amp up for clean sounds and step on this little green box whenever you the boost for solos or when you need a little extra stank on your tone. This is already some decent heavy distortion.Log in or Sign up.

The Gear Page. Aug 13, 1.

Op-Amp - 4558, Dual, 8-Pin DIP

Messages: Hello folks, I have an old TS that will be leaving the fold soon, but I don't know that much about it. The markings on the board mean very little to me, and the sticker on the back plate that would have had the serial number!

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Is there some sort of serial number or something that would still be there even though the backplate sticker is gone? Any help is appreciated, many thanks. Last edited: Aug 13, Aug 13, 2. Messages: 1, Your logo doesn't have the registered r symbol on it, so it appears to be made a little later in the original TS first run. That probably doesn't tell you much, but it's what I could find.

ReckedtrekAug 13, Aug 13, 3. Thank you -- Yeah, I had seen that page before. Keep 'em coming! Aug 13, 4. Messages: 4, Can't the chip be dated? What are all the numbers on the chip? Looks like a KiteAug 13, Aug 13, 5.

Chip says JRC Why say youMr. Aug 13, 6.

jrc4558d chip

From the Analogman tube screamer history page. I guess the lack of an R kinda puts it in the '81 realm don't you think? I don't know how to date it with the code but someone here does for sure. Aug 13, 7. Aug 13, 8. Aug 13, 9. Messages: 6, Aug 14, Order by:.

Available to:. But due to public demand the TS9 was reissued Later models beginning with the TS10 discontinued this labor intensive construction method in favor of a less expensive all-in-one circuit design.

The stock pedal has a fairly good tone— it tends to lack gain.

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Low end, and has a bit of a mid hump. This Mod Kit addresses these issues to achieve Tone usually reserved for boutique pedals costing far more. Below are specifications detailing each part of the Mod process.

Domestic shipping is FREE for any number of kits. But is also easier to see. Fat Mod This Mod changes two of the low quality stock. Thereby fattening up the tone. Many veteran players me included like the RCP for sake of its grit. Chip Cradle Mod This Mod installs a chip cradle which allows the chip to be sw. This pedal was amazing before I had the mods done by Keeley last summer.

But know it is over the top tone monster. I loved using it with my DS-1 in front And, it is true about this pedal, it adds some type of low end compression that tightens up your tone very organically even when the distortion is turned all the way down.

I am including the instruction sheet from Keeley that explains what was done and how to use the pedal. I am in the process of building a new rig with different pedals so these need to go.

Good luck with your bids! Comes as pictured some scratches. Dings nothing major pedal is in good working condition. Please check out all pictures for condition.

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Please note almost all items for sale were purchased used in our store. We try to describe them to the best of our knowledge. Mostly all items are used unless described as new.

jrc4558d chip

All items described as sold as is we be clearly stated in our auction and their will be no returns on these items labeled AS IS.Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Apr 13, 1. Messages: Is it more coveted than the JRC D-models? What chip sounds "better"? Apr 13, 2. Messages: 2, Discussed here. HP HovercraftApr 13, Apr 13, 3. Messages: 6, Some like it, though, so YMMV as always.

Apr 13, 4. Apr 13, 5. Messages: 9, An Ibanez or Maxon with the D chip is the best sounding pedal you can buy. Heady Jam FanApr 13, Apr 13, 6. Messages: 11, I've got an '82 with the and an '81 with the and they both sound great. Pedal DanApr 13, Apr 13, 7. Apr 13, 8. Messages: 8, I have an '82, can't remember the chip, but did a lot of swapping with a RI I have I don't think it's something to spend a lot of time worrying about.Forgot your password?

Here are the bottoms of the four different TS9s. On the right is an original with black label, easy to tell and date, if 1st digit is a 1, that would mean a VERY early TS9! Second on the right is an original silver label TS9. The 1st digit is a 3 meaningyou will see a lot of these with a 4 for These can have the earlier chips or sometimes the TA chip as used in the reissues. These are almost impossible to tell from the 1st reissue TS9.

But the Reissue TS9 will usually not have a serial starting with 3 or 4. I have reissues with a XXX and XXX number here with a capacitor made inmaybe a very early reissue from These have silver labels, an original from would probably have had a black label. Third from the right is a 2nd version reissue, with the CE symbol so you know it's a reissue.

Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer

The reissues all have the TA chip. Note the box has bar code info, this will not be found on the original boxes. What about TS's?

It for sure is "vintage" since they never reissued those things if that is what you're asking. TS's came with whatever chip was available. Many TS-9 originals didn't have the 'good chip' either. The chip business is supposedly a bunch of hot air, though.

jrc4558d chip

Many people claim a TS-7 sounds just as good as a vintage TS-9, or that SRV actually preferred the TS to the earlier models, or that if you take a TS-5 and bury it in a fresh grave on midnight on Halloween, it will come back reincarnated as a giant black cockroach that can play a mean version of 'Tightrope'. I own an original TS-9 with the black bottom label and the serial number starts with the number "1". Does anyone know how much they are worth?

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